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Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental bridges are one of the best treatments for replacing missing teeth. During this process, your existing teeth will be used to create a bridge over the area where the lost tooth or teeth occupied. Bridges can be created from various materials, including gold, metal, alloys, or porcelain for the strongest and most durable result.

A bridge can be created beginning with the creation of abutments from your existing teeth.  The existing teeth will be recontoured to ensure there is a base for the bridge. After the abutments have been created, a mold will be created and the area sent to the dental lab.  The lab will use the mold to create a bridge that fits properly and feels close to your natural teeth.

The bridge can be created from two crowns placed on either end on the abutments and a pontic. While your permanent bridges are being fabricated, a temporary bridge will be worn.  This temporary restoration will keep your abutments protected and the gum areas from exposure. A follow-up visit will be scheduled once the permanent bridge has been created.

It may take some time before your teeth becomes adjusted to the bridge.  After a few days, you will feel like you have your natural teeth again. You should maintain a diet of soft foods for a few days following the procedure. You can return to your regular diet after no issues have been experienced.

If you are missing a tooth and are considering a replacement treatment, you can turn to bridges offered by Dr. Hegde in her San Diego office. Please call us today to set up your appointment.

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