CEREC provides three benefits. It is not a temporary restoration, it does not involve the creation of messy impressions, and the procedure can be completed in one visit.

CEREC is an advanced dental technology that can be used for restoring cracked, decayed, or chipped teeth.  It can fabricate full crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. The restorations can be compelted within minutes.

CEREC creates restorations that are primarily composed of compressed porcelain. A restoration from this technology allows treatments to be completed in one visit. An additional benefit is that uncomfortable impressions or temporary wear is not required to be worn by patients.

During the procedure, all tooth decay will be removed. The teeth will be shaped for a digital picture. A fine powder will be sprayed onto the teeth, this improves the quality of the image. The image will be used to design the restoration within the same visit. After it is completed, the CEREC machine will mill the restoration.

Once the milling process has been completed, the restoration will be placed in a one-hour process.

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