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family and cosmetic dentistry

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

At Center for Hedge, La Jolla we offer various cosmetic dentistry procedures that are aimed at the beautification of teeth to improve your smile while maintaining general function and good oral health. Dr. Hedge is passionate about providing quality cosmetic dentistry experience in La Jolla as well as surrounding cities in San Diego. Our practice stays up-to-date using the latest dental technologies and modern practices to best suit your needs.

Services and procedures that would qualify as cosmetic dentistry would be professional in-office teeth whitening, Invisalign, composite filings, veneers, Lumineers, or having crowns or dental bridge work done for the sole purpose of appearance versus function. A small detail of how each cosmetic procedure can is listed below:

Teeth Whitening: Brightens your smile anywhere between 3 to 10 shades whiter in as quick as an hour. Professional teeth whitening is always recommended over at-home whitening kits due to the fact that our La Jolla dentist will ensure your gums remain protected from the whitening agent.

Invisalign: A removable alternative to traditional wire braces which allow you to discreetly straighten your teeth. They have the benefit of being virtually invisible.

Composite Fillings: These discrete fillings restore small to mid-sized fractures or small cavities in teeth while closely matching the natural color of your.

Veneers: Custom made shells that are bonded to front of teeth to improve their appearance. This procedure does require us to partial remove a small layer of your natural teeth in order to proper place the veneer.

Lumineers: These are a very thin and minimally invasive alternative to traditional veneers. This procedure will not require any layer removal of your natural teeth required.

Crowns and Bridges: Our La Jolla dentist creates custom fitted tooth-shaped caps which are used to restore damaged teeth and prevent deterioration. Filing down of your natural teeth will be required to securely place the crown or bridge into place.


Even the slightest cosmetic dental adjustment – such as a teeth whitening session – can dramatically revamp the look of your smile. You may even notice a spike in your self-esteem after seeing your gorgeous smile. Our La Jolla practice is here to provide you with the highest quality cosmetic care available and we gladly welcome you to experience it for yourself. Call our office today to schedule an appointment (858) 546-0100.

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