Crown Lengthening La Jolla

Crown Lengthening La Jolla

Crown Lengthening Procedure

Dr Hegde is among a select group of dentists who possess the skills & the technology to treat “Soft or Hard tissue crown lengthening” be it to expose the crown structure or due to lack of tooth structure.

Cavities can decay the tooth to the point where restoration becomes impossible or difficult without crown lengthening. The procedure is routine, and involves remodeling the contour of the gum line. The procedure does not actually involve increasing the length of the crown, but lowers the gum line.

When there is not enough tooth structure for the placement of the crown, crown lengthening is the only option. In some cases, the tooth can be damaged or broken below the gum line. Crown lengthening can be applied successfully expose more of the tooth, allowing the dentist to work on it.

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