Crowns La Jolla

Crowns La Jolla

Dental Crowns

As time continues to weaken our teeth, they can become more susceptible to developing decay, cracks, discoloration, and other problems.  If your smile isn’t what it once was, our dental crowns treatments in San Diego can help you recover a full, cosmetically vibrant smile. If a tooth looks decayed or seems to be weakened, a filling or dental bonding may not produce adequate results.

All porcelain crowns in Dr Hegde’s office are made using a state of the art CEREC machine that utilizes CAD/CAM technology to design & fabricate a crown to exacting standards. This eliminates human error in the form, fit & shade of the crown. These highly aesthetic & functional crowns are made from a range of porcelain material & can be made & restored in less than 1-2 days, if needed.

The crowns process requires approximately 2-3 visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the tooth will be reshaped by shaving the enamel so the crown can be placed over it.  A local anesthetic will be provided before the procedure so discomfort is eliminated.

After the tooth has been reshaped, a mold will be created of the tooth and surrounding teeth. This mold will be used to create a new crown that will be that will have an appearance comparable to your surrounding teeth. A temporary crown will be provided until the final one is ready.

Durable crowns can last for up to 10-15 years. It is important to provide care for it with the same attention and detail as with any of your other teeth. Practice consistent and effective brushing and flossing techniques to ensure it lasts for a long time.

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