Dental Implants La Jolla

Dental Implants La Jolla

Cosmetic Dental Implants

Dental implants are the permanent, aesthetically appealing solution for replacing missing or lost teeth.  They are an improvement over alternatives such as bridges because they do not require teeth to be altered.

The overall dental implant process is completed over the course of a few months.  The initial part of the process is to install the implant, where the screw is inserted into the jaw bone.  An incision will be created in the gums so the implant can be inserted.  Multiple implants can be placed simultaneously if necessary. The gums will be sutured after the implants have been placed.

The implant will be allowed 3-6 months for healing.  During the healing process, the jaw bone will form around the implant.  This process is known as osseointegration. During osseointegration, temporary crowns will be provided so you can eat and speak normally and maintain a proper aesthetic appearance.

After the implant has healed, the abutment will be placed on the implant.  The abutment serves as the new base for the tooth restoration.  An impression of the abutment will be taken, which will assist in the creation of the permanent restoration.

Once the restoration is completed, you can make a follow-up visit to permanently attach the restoration. Your smile will recover its original appearance while the implant will feel like one of your natural teeth.  Dental implants are among Dr. Hegde’s specialties in her San Diego office and we will help you develop your treatment plan, please call us to schedule an appointment.

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