Dentures La Jolla

Dentures La Jolla

Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures provide a replacement option for missing teeth.  They can be removed and placed into your mouth as you please.  Depending on the individual patient, full or partial dentures may be used.  Full dentures are an available option when all natural teeth have been removed.

Conventional full dentures are applied when all teeth have been removed and the tissue given time to heal. The healing process may take a few month and you may be without teeth during this time.

Immediate full dentures are provided after the teeth have been removed. You may not have to spend time without teeth.  You may have to schedule follow-up visits for refitting your dentures because the jaw bone shape may alter as the healing process continues. After the jaw bone has completely healed, the dentures will be tightened.

Partial dentures are an additional option when not all of your teeth requires removal. This is comparable to a bridge, except they are not permanently affixed in your mouth.

Your dentures may need time to get used to. Some patients report that they feel bulky or lack room for the tongue.  Over time, they may loosen. You will have to adjust the way you eat and speak for a while. Once your mouth adjusts, they will begin to feel like your natural teeth.

San Diego dentures specialist Dr. Hegde recommends that you care for your dentures with the same quality and attention as your natural teeth.  When you handle them, be careful not to drop them. Never try to adjust them yourself, you may damage them.

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