General Dentistry La Jolla

General Dentistry La jolla

General Dentistry and Orthodontics

Our La Jolla practice offers top-notch general dentistry care. Our focus is to ensure your smile is strong while maintaining great oral health. We offer a wide range of services to help your beautiful smile last for years. We keep our practice modern utilizing the latest technology available in the dentistry world while using the most modern practices to best suit your needs in order to keep you comfortable during your visit.

During a typical check-up, our La Jolla Dentist Dr. Hedge will examine your mouth for any irregularities as well as perform a free oral cancer screening. Next your teeth are checked for weak points or cavities. If any irregularities are detected, our dentist will advise you on what procedures are recommended to resolve the issue. This is followed by a routine dental cleaning if needed.

Our Dentist is happy to serve La Jolla and surrounding cities in San Diego. A small overview of each general dentistry services and procedure we offer is listed below:

Teeth Cleanings: Regardless of how well and how often you brush and floss your teeth, it is still recommended you go to the dentist for routine dental cleanings. Professional cleanings remove any trapped or stuck on plaque and tartar that your daily oral hygiene routine misses.

Oral Cancer Screening: Your routine visits include a complimentary oral cancer screening. Our La Jolla Dentist firmly believes that early detection paired with early treatment is the key to surviving oral cancer. This procedure takes only minutes to do and is pain-free!

Dental Fillings: Dental fillings are strong, durable and safe to use for dental repairs such as a small crack or fracture. They are commonly used to fill cavities.

Crowns and Bridges: We create tailor-made caps for your teeth that resemble the look of natural teeth. Crowns are used to restore a damaged tooth as well as prevent future deterioration. This procedure does require our La Jolla Dentist to file down a layer or two off your natural teeth in order to securely place the crown or bridge.

Dentures: If you are missing multiple teeth, dentures may just be the solution you have been searching for. Our custom made dentures can restore your biting and chewing function as well as make you look and feel younger! This procedure does require more than one visit, requiring an immediate set of temporary dentures to be made while your permanent dentures are created.

Dental X-Rays: Our La Jolla dentist utilizes the latest in dental x-ray technology to provide our patients with the highest quality images. Being able to instantly see such clear images of your smile allows us to treat you with precision while providing you with top-notch quality dental care.

Here at Center for Health, La Jolla we proudly provide you with the best general dental care available and are happy to have you experience it for yourself. Call (858) 546-0100 today to schedule an appointment.

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