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Gum Graft Surgery

Gingivitis can eventually become periodontitis, and it severely affects the gums. Gingivitis can progress as bacteria continues to grow.  As the plaque builds up, the gums begin to stretch.  This results in large pockets that may remain on your gum line.

The newly formed pockets can cause the gums to recede. This can lead to aesthetic, functional, and health consequences.  After gums recede, a large amount of tooth structure is exposed. This leaves you vulnerable to infections.

Gum grafting is the recommended procedure that allows the gum to be restored to its original, natural, and healthy state.  It uses soft tissue from the roof of the mouth to graft the receded gums. The graft covers exposed tooth and root surfaces with grafted oral tissue.

After grafting, new tissue growth will occur which will allow the gums to return to their ideal positon around the teeth. There is little downtime or discomfort experienced during the procedure.

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