Meet the Staff

Operations Manager – Renea Golden

Renea Golden has been our operations manager since 2005.  She is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional. She is passionate about working with our patients and explaining dental procedures, insurances, plans, and benefits. She has previously worked for an insurance company and understands numerous insurance policies and benefits very well.

Office Coordinator – Jenny L.

Jenny has also been a fixture in our practice since 2005. She has resided in San Diego for numerous years and uses her people skills to help out patients. She is here to answer your scheduling and billing questions. She will also be available chairside to assist in your dental treatments.

Back office – Betsy Nunez and Nicole Mooney

Our back office is maintained by the most experienced and capable dental assists. They are experts in keeping you at ease and helping you with your anxiety. They are certified in sterilization and CPR techniques. They also stay up to date on the latest procedures and technology as part of our effort to stay on top of advances in the field.

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