Root Canal La Jolla

Root Canal La Jolla

Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics is the area of dentistry concerned with the nerves of the teeth.  One of the most prominent procedures in this discipline is a root canal. When a tooth experiences an infection, it is most likely associated with the nerves in the root of the tooth.  The infected nerve requires removal. If left untreated, an infection can become abscess, which is a more serious problem that can lead to bone loss.

The procedure begins when the area surrounding the tooth has been numbed with a local anesthetic. San Diego root canal specialist Dr. Hegde will create an opening into the canal on the tooth. The infected tooth will be removed and the canal is cleaned.

After the infection has been removed, the space will be filled with a sealant known as gutta percha. It is recommended that your tooth undergoes a root canal fitted with a crown.  You will see an improvement in the appearance of the tooth, which will improve the success of the root canal.

Root canal can sound intimidating to patients, but the benefits of the procedure and technology advances has made it a less anxiety-producing procedure. Local anesthetics can be prescribed to reduce or eliminate any pain during the procedure. Soreness is expected after the procedure, but this si normal and will fade away afterwards.

A root canal procedure can help you find relief from pain caused by infection. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods without any pain or uncomfortable sensations.

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