Veneers La Jolla

Veneers La Jolla

Composite Veneers

Veneers are useful for redesigning and reshaping your smile.  They are a thin ceramic shell that covers your existing teeth.  As the new veneers are placed on your teeth, you can fix aesthetic issues such as tooth stains, cracked teeth, gaps, spaces, and misalignment.

They can be an alternative to crowns and ideal for treating various cosmetic and clinical dental conditions.

During the placement process, it will take approximately two to three visits for the veneers to be placed. The first visit will involve a discussion of the new shape and appearance of the veneers. Once the treatment plan has been formulated, the teeth will be prepared for veneers placement.

As the process is completed, the next step will involve the creation of the impression of the prepared teeth. The impression will be used to create the final product.  Only the highest standard lab processes will be used in the fabrication of the final veneers. A temporary restoration will be worn at this time.

Once the final veneers have been finalized and placed, we will ensure your new smile will feel the same as your old one, only cosmetically improved. Your new smile can last for a very long time. Contact our office in San Diego to learn more about the benefits of veneers.

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