How do the gums become infected?

Bacteria is found in your mouth and is the main cause of gum disease. With regular checkups and excellent oral hygiene, you can keep bacteria under control. Patients with less consistent dental hygiene may have more to worry about.

Over time, a film or plaque builds up on the teeth. This is a major cause of tooth decay and is composed of a sticky substance composed of mucus, bacteria, and food. Without attention or treatment, plaque can harden over time and remain trapped at the base of the tooth.

When plaque hardens, it buildups as tartar or calculus. This substance can harm your gums, leading to inflamed or infected gums. This results in a disease known as gingivitis. Without timely and proper treatment, gum disease may progress into a serious health problem.

Gum disease can create deep pockets or spaces, causing gums to recede. This exposes the roots of the tooth and encourages bacteria growth below the gumline. With time, the bones, gums, and connective tissue that support teeth become damaged and destroyed. The teeth will become loose to the point that they may require removal.
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